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Leivys DMSO GEL - With magnesium chloride

Leivys DMSO GEL - With magnesium chloride

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  • ✅ Anyone who knows how to use DMSO appreciates the positive effect. If you buy products with DMSO, pay attention to the original
  • ✅ The recipes and development are based on seminars with Dr. Hartmut Fischer.
  • ✅ You can also get DMSO liquid from us with active ingredients such as magnesium chloride, meadowsweet, arnica, artemisia, propolis and frankincense - without chemical additives
  • ✅ Dimethyl sulfoxide Ph. Eur. is used in medicine as a storage medium for transplant organs and transmitters and carrier substances for medicines. In technology as a universal all-purpose solvent
  • ✅ approx. 75% DMSO 99.9% purity
  • ✅ Xanthan gum
  • ✅ Molecularly filtered, structured and energized water
  • ✅ Magnesium chloride solution
  • ✅ In HDPE tube with dosing pump

The mineral magnesium takes over the human organism

vital tasks. Magnesium is particularly indispensable for the electrolyte balance and thus also for a balanced relationship between tension and relaxation of the muscles

At Leivys Natural Premium you will also find DMSO liquid, cream, ointment and spray in versions with magnesium chloride, meadowsweet, propolis and frankincense with magnesium oil / magnesium chloride. Guaranteed without chemical ingredients.

Without chemical preservatives.

More and more people are discovering the important function of sulfur with effects on skin, hair, joints, bones, breathing, psyche, metabolism and thus performance

DMSO ointment APPLICATION according to DMSO manual

Apply evenly to a cleaned surface several times with precise dosage, allow to take effect and allow to dry. Repeat orders are beneficial. Wash well before and after use.


In special PP airless dispensers, food-safe and solvent-resistant.
Sealed airtight to prevent unwanted contamination. This prevents germ contamination.
Very efficient due to low consumption - only one drop is used for targeted partial use.
The properties and areas of application are very diverse.

There are around 11,000 studies and around 40,000 articles worldwide about the positive effects of DMSO gel. The chemical serves as a carrier substance and enhancer of the effects of medicines.

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