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Magnesium oil in brown glass bottle 250ml

Magnesium oil in brown glass bottle 250ml

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Magnesium oil is particularly suitable for supplying magnesium in the event of deficiency symptoms or for preventing a deficiency. It is excellently absorbed through the skin and transported from there to the cells. To enhance this effect even further, we offer you our magnesium oil in combination with our DMSO. Just take a look around our shop. DMSO spray with magnesium, but also DMSO gel with magnesium.

This solution is called magnesium oil because it feels oily, it is
but not oil in the true sense.

Athletes and physically active people prefer to consume this oil
external use. It is also ideal for foot baths and recording
over the soles of the feet. (100ml per application). In contrast to oral administration
Up to 100% of the magnesium can be absorbed.

A notice :
Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eye contact. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. Please store well sealed above 5 °C to avoid crystal formation.

Scope of delivery:
250ml magnesium oil in an amber glass bottle for direct use 

In order to maintain the quality for a long time, the bottles must be kept closed. The storage location should be dark and protected from sunlight
be protected.
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