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Leivys Original Premium Snake Venom Massage Gel 2x50ml

Leivys Original Premium Snake Venom Massage Gel 2x50ml

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Original Premium Snake Venom Massage Gel: relaxing, restorative, highly effective, joint, muscle, pain balm 100ml (2x50ml)

For professional use for pain relief, muscle relaxation, joint problems, sprains, back pain, knee problems, neck and hip problems. It is also often used for headaches, pain, wounds, rheumatism, strains, sports injuries, bruises and sprains. It is an obligatory part of many medicine cabinets (source: Palacio)

Snake venon massage gel with herbal extracts such as cannabis oil, camphor, eucalyptus and other 12 natural ingredients has a pleasantly calming effect on the entire body and mind.

Free from harmful chemical ingredients

Wellness Snake Venom Massage Gel is refreshing and cooling, particularly suitable before and after sports, training, fitness and leisure activities

Premium snake venom gel is pleasantly relaxing and regenerating. An ideal preparation for meditation and before sleep.

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